Links House at Royal Dornoch, Golf Road, Dornoch, Scotland, IV25 3LW

Shooting & Stalking

Stalking and Shooting in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland has a long tradition of country sport pursuits. Deer Stalking and various forms of gamebird shoots are well organised and regulated, providing exciting, challenging sport and supporting rural communities. Links House is well located with easy access to many large sporting estates.

We provide a luxurious base for both UK and international hunting groups, offering a range of shooting experiences as well as many other activities for non-shooting guests. We work closely with local hunting agency Chisholm Sporting and also with the Highland Shooting Centre.

Highlands and Islands Country Sports Hotel Winner 2019

Links House work with some of the best sporting estates in the North Highlands, located within an hour of Dornoch. These estates can provide river and loch salmon and trout fishing, as well as stalking for all the deer species - Roe, Sika and the largest wild animal in Scotland the Red Deer. They also provide their own Ghillie (Hunting or Fishing Guide) as well as all equipment required for the activity to be conducted. One or two of the estates that we use, also specialise in the conduct of a MacNab Challenge - to shoot a brace of grouse, catch a wild Atlantic salmon on the fly and shoot a red deer stag all in the same day. This is conducted in a two month period, between mid August and mid October

Clay Pigeon Shooting

The Highland Shooting Centre is a family owned business near Rosehall, just 35 minutes west of Dornoch. It is a very exciting facility which caters to both experienced shooters and people who have never fired a gun before. Guests are met and briefed at the Log Cabin in the centre of the property, which extends to 50 acres. Clay Pigeon shooting with shotguns is the most popular activity at HSC and the conduct of this will vary depending on the experience of the person shooting. For Beginners, there are various areas that provide simple clay targets (discs) that are fired by a remote control device held by the Instructor. Tuition and safety is provided to a very high standard. For more experienced shooters, there are many challenging clay pigeon shoots, including Simulated Game Shoots, that mimmick the different birds shots in Scotland. This includes walked-up birds, with targets ejected forward of the firers, crossing clays both left and right and driven birds, with clays being fired over the heads of shooters. Competitions can also be arranged for groups

Rifle Shooting

The Highland Shooting Centre has an Indoor Rifle Range as well as an extensive outdoor rifle shooting area. Tuition always begins with safety, followed by an introduction to the Rifle, its various parts and mechanism and drills on loading, firing and unloading. The Indoor Range allows shooters to learn the basics of shooting in a closed environment without distractions. A camera mounted above the shooter indicates where each shot falls, making it unnecessary to walk to the target 100 yards down range. Indoor rifle shooting can be done initially with .22 ammunition before moving on to the more powerful Hunting Rifle. The outdoor area offers the shooter the chance to shoot at various targets up to 400 yards, with full bore ammunition. For those intent on deer stalking, targets in the shape of a deer can be set up at various ranges, normally at 200 yards distance. The results of all shooting will be discussed with the Instructor.

Chisholm Sporting

Local partner Chisholm Sporting source prime deer stalking opportunities, walked-up and driven bird shoots across the North Highlands. This partnership is based upon clients who seek luxury accommodation , combined with a unique and exciting hunting experience. Guests of Links House can experience Roe Deer shooting throughout the summer and more challenging stalking for red deer stags up until 20 October. In the latter part of the year we look to arrange both walked-up and driven bird shoots with local estates.

Simulated Deer Stalking

Simulated Deer Stalking - have you ever wanted to learn to shoot a rifle but not wanted to kill a live animal? If so, then this is the experience for you, as you will be taught all the skills including how to handle and shoot a hunting rifle, how to move with stealth and how to get into a final fire position from which to engage a simulated deer target. Then you will have the opportunity to engage various 'Deer' targets at different ranges as far out as 300 yards. You will know if you have hit the target in the heart area, as the target area is rigged with a surprise!This activity can be either a half day or a full day for those who are more serious about deer stalking. One of the great advantages of this activity is that it is available all year round.

Gamebird Shoots

In the autumn and early winter we are able to arrange driven gamebird shoots for pheasant and partridge on a number of local estates. Walked-up grouse with Pointer Dogs can also be made available from mid August. From late September onwards duck and geese arrive in large numbers, having vacated their summer breeding grounds in Iceland and Greenland. During the autumn and winter months, duck and geese shooting can be arranged at a variety of wet habitat locations.

The Macnab Challenge

MacNab rules dictate that the grouse, stag and salmon are shot and caught by a sportsman or sportswoman on a single estate in daylight hours within a 24 hour period, to which permission has been granted. Due to the habitats of the three animals, the only place to carry out this classic sporting challenge in the UK, is in Scotland.


  • Conducted on a very large estate in the North Highlands within one hour of Dornoch

  • Depart Links House by 6 am (Coffee/Tea available before departure)

  • Breakfast at the estate by 7 am

  • Salmon Fishing on one of two rivers with a Ghillie in Phase 1

  • Walked-Up Grouse Shooting with Pointer Dogs and Gamekeeper in Phase 2

  • Stalking a Red Deer Stag with Gamekeeper/Guide in Phase 3

  • Links House can provide transport to and from the estate as well as a hearty packed lunch and drinks

  • The estate will provide Rifle, Shotgun, ammunition, Fishing equipment and Fishing Ghillie and Gamekeeper

The best time of year to undertake a Macnab is between mid August and mid October.


For those interested, Links House can also offer an initial day of training with expert tuition from former Gamekeeper Marcus Munro. Marcus is the Director of the Highland Shooting Centre, a unique facility that comprises world-class clay pigeon shooting and indoor and outdoor rifle ranges. Marcus provides simulated walked-up grouse shooting and both rifle marksmanship training and stalking tips for hunters.

"I can honestly say completing the Macnab has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget each minute of that special day". - Jon Tainton Sept 2020 - Pictured on the right.

Marcus Munro Biography

Marcus Munro is the Owner and MD of the Highland Shooting Centre. He was born in Sutherland and grew up on the Alladale Estate where his father was the Head Gamekeeper. Marcus learned his craft at an early age and worked as a pony boy on the Athol Estate and on the Isle of Rhum. He was then employed on a large grouse estate in County Durham in the late 1980s. In 1991 he took over as Head Keeper at Alladale after his father retired and developed Alladale into a first class Deer estate, as well as looking after salmon fishing. In 2012 Marcus decided to set up the Highland Shooting Centre and by 2014 he had developed a unique facility at his home, that included a beautiful Log Cabin, that also serves as a briefing/debriefing area, Armoury, Office and Accommodation area for guests. HSC is now a Scottish Clay Target Ground Member and has hosted 5 legs of the Scottish Clay Pigeon championship. Marcus is Deer Management qualified 1 and 2, Professional Hunter status, a former Scottish Clay DTL champion, Zeiss Pro Hunter and UK Ambassador, a registered Scottish Natural Heritage wildlife contractor, a qualified Range Conducting Officer and a Gun Trade Association business member. Marcus also is the owner of Roaring Red Stag, with state of the art processing equipment on site at HSC, producing various venison products including cured venison chorizo with herbs and spices. Marcus is very resourceful and has a wealth of experience in all matters shooting. Those who visit HSC are assured of a warm Highland welcome, the highest standards of Firearms tuition and safety and a challenging and highly enjoyable experience.




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