Links House at Royal Dornoch, Golf Road, Dornoch, Scotland, IV25 3LW

North Coast 500

Scotland's North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 (NC 500) was first marketed in 2014 and in just a few years it has gained international acclaim as one of the best driving routes in the world. It is a 500 mile circuit that starts and ends in the Highland capital, Inverness and circumnavigates the most northerly part of the UK. The route can be explored in different ways – clockwise or anti-clockwise for those wishing simply to follow the coastal route only. A more interesting option is to include some of the less-travelled interior roads, with some of the best coastal sections of the NC 500.

“The sky was the colour of a Norwegian model’s eyes. Tendrils of cloud spilt over snow-capped mountains before being whipped into nothing by the wind. And it went on and on. Past turquoise water like you find in the Maldives and islands as weird and as enticing as those in Ha Long Bay. This was, and I will take no argument on the matter, by far the most beautiful place on Earth, as far removed from anything we have in England, as Timbuktu”.

Jeremy Clarkson writing on the experiences of The Grand Tour on the NC 500 in April 2018

And I would drive 500 miles!

The perfect Luxury Base for the NC 500

Dornoch is situated centrally on the eastern coast of the NC 500, connected to the far north, west and south west sections of the NC 500 through a network of double and single track roads. We have selected some of the best routes that allow drivers to explore a combination of the interior and coastal routes, taking in some of the best Highland attractions en route. Using a single base to explore the NC 500 has many advantages – saving time on packing and unpacking, checking in and out and more time for driving and visits to attractions. We also suggest a Rest Day so that guests can take time out from driving, to enjoy all the other activities on offer.

Car Touring Groups

Links House is a great fit for the Car Touring sector – whether Vintage, Classic or Supercar. With advanced planning Exclusive Use is also possible. Some of the best months for undertaking the NC 500 are the spring months of April and May – less traffic than the main summer months and coinciding with the rejuvenation of the countryside. Our team, with its expert local knowledge, can advise and assist with planning and provide additional support including picnic lunches when required”.

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